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Text Segmentation in Sanskrit Texts.

We treat the problem as a query expansion problem under path constrained random walks framework.

Deep learning for poetry to prose conversion and Dependancy parsing in Sanskrit

Project under development. Will update details soon.

Named Entity Recognition in Sanskrit with Rich Linguistic Features.

We employ a structured prediction model and utilise efficient corpus based global word representations and contextual information per instance for Named entities.

Unsupervised Grammar Induction in Derivative Nouns

Project under development. Will update details soon.

Try FeRoSA recommender engine


A Faceted Recommendation System for Scientific Articles.


SleepSensei is an automated sleep quality monitor and esti- mates the sleep duration for a user. It essentially builds a personalized model for determining the apt sleep duration for a given user.

Automatic Generation and Insertion of Assessment Items in Online Video Courses.

The proposed system analyzes text transcript of a requested video lecture to suggest self-assessment items in runtime through automatic discourse segmentation and question generation.

IndicView - Because Language is no more a Barrier

On research grant from Google IIT Pilot Program.

Downlaod IndicView OCR App

IndicView App
ShutApp: A Sentiment Prediction App using Smartphone Activity.

We propose a personalised supervised sentiment detection approach based on user smartphone activities.