Faceted Recommendation Engine
for Scientific Articles


A Recommendation engine for ACL Anthology Collection

Bringing you faceted recommendations for about 10 000 research papers in computational linguistics.

FeRoSA is a recommendation engine for Academic Papers in ACL Anthology, that makes your life as a researcher easy. FeRoSA not only identifies research papers that are most relevant to your query paper, but it also classifies them to different categories

Background (BG)

Citations which are prerequisite for understanding the basic notions of the citing paper.

Alternative Approaches (AA)

If there are citations to the approaches, which can be seen as alternative to the method proposed in the citing paper, thus such citations are categorized as AA.

Method (MD)

The papers have some overlap in usage of tools, techniques, datasets, measures or other concepts.

Comparison (CM)

A relation is said to be comparable if the citing paper has been compared to a cited paper in terms of differences or resemblances.

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