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We have a weekly one and a half-hour meeting in the Department (generally every Thursday evening) where we discuss relevant research papers, both old and new. Usually one volunteer picks an important paper of his field (published in a highly rated conference or journal) and presents it to other members. We discuss strengths and weaknesses of such papers, and after covering a set of related papers from a research area, try to analyze potential future research directions.

This meeting is also used to discuss upcoming group agenda and by members to practise their upcoming conference and course-related presentations. Guidelines formulated for such research presentations, which we believe can be useful to a general audience, has been uploaded as a Google document here. Two other documents that we believe to be generally useful for research talks – 1 and 2. CSCW 2014 provided a nice set of speaker guidelines for their conference.

Reading Group – An Army of Me: Sockpuppets in Online Discussion Communities

When: 20/04/2017 @ 6:00 pm
Where: Conference Room, CSE

Paper- An Army of Me: Sockpuppets in Online Discussion Communities (WWW 2017 Honorable mention) Srijan Kumar, Justin Cheng, Jure Leskovec, V.S Subrahmanian Abstract: In online discussion communities, users can interact and share information and opinions … Continue reading


Reading Group – Weighting Finite-State Transductions With Neural Context

When: 30/03/2017 @ 6:00 pm
Where: Conference Room, CSE

Paper- Weighting Finite-State Transductions With Neural Context, NAACL 2016 Abstract How should one apply deep learning to tasks such as morphological reinflection, which stochastically edit one string to get another? A recent approach to such … Continue reading


Reading Group – Optimizing the Recency-Relevancy Trade-off in Online News Recommendations (WWW-2017)

When: 23/03/2017 @ 6:00 pm
Where: Conference Room, CSE

Talk Title (practice talk) – Optimizing the Recency-Relevancy Trade-off in Online News Recommendations (WWW-2017) Speaker- Abhijnan Chakraborty


Reading Group – FRAUDAR: Bounding Graph Fraud in the Face of Camouflage [KDD 2016 Best Paper]

When: 09/03/2017 @ 6:00 pm
Where: Conference Room, CSE

Speaker- Ayan Kumar Bhowmick, Rohit Verma Time- 6 p.m. Venue- Conference room Abstract: Given a bipartite graph of users and the products that they review, or followers and followees, how can we detect fake reviews … Continue reading


Reading Group – Practice Talk by Abir De, ” Learning and Forecasting Opinion Dynamics in Social Networks”

When: 02/03/2017 @ 6:00 pm

Talk Title : Learning and Forecasting Opinion Dynamics in Social Networks Abstract: Social media and social networking sites have become a global pinboard for exposition and discussion of news, topics, and ideas, where social media users … Continue reading


Reading Group – CHITCHAT: Navigating Tradeoffs in Device-to-Device Context Sharing

When: 16/02/2017 @ 6:00 pm
Where: Conference Room, CSE

CHITCHAT: Navigating Tradeoffs in Device-to-Device Context Sharing PerCom 2016(Best Paper) Acquiring local context information and sharing it among co-located devices is critical for emerging pervasivecomputing applications. The devices belonging to a group ofco-located people may need to … Continue reading


Reading Group – Growing Wikipedia Across Languages via Recommendation

When: 09/02/2017 @ 6:00 pm
Where: Conference Room, CSE

Growing Wikipedia Across Languages via Recommendation WWW 2016][Best paper Nominee] Abstract: The different Wikipedia language editions vary dramatically in how comprehensive they are. As a result, most language editions contain only a small fraction of … Continue reading


Reading Group – Knowledge-based Supervision for Domain-adaptive Semantic Role Labeling.

When: 02/02/2017 @ 6:00 pm

Semantic role labeling (SRL) is an essential tool for automatic semantic analysis of the vasts amounts of text data created daily on the web. More precisely, it could be: despite the success in experimental settings, … Continue reading


Reading Group – Value Iteration Networks [NIPS 16] [best paper]

When: 19/01/2017 @ 6:00 pm
Where: Conference Room, CSE

NIPS 2016 Best paper, “Value Iteration Networks’ will be presented in the reading group today. Link: https://papers.nips.cc/paper/6046-value-iteration-networks.pdf Abstract: The paper introduce the value iteration network (VIN): a fully differentiable neural network with a `planning module’ … Continue reading


Reading Group – Medical Question Answering for Clinical Decision Support [CIKM 16]

When: 12/01/2017 @ 6:00 pm
Where: Conference Room, CSE

Paper- [CIKM 2016][Best Student Paper] Medical Question Answering for Clinical Decision Support This paper presents a novel framework for answering medical questions in the spirit of TREC-CDS by first discovering the answer and then selecting and … Continue reading



24 December 2015: Preparation presentation of Suman Kalyan Maity for HICSS 2016.

17 December 2015: Juhi Kulshrestha  presented her research on, Characterizing effects of search/recommendation systems on information consumption of social media users.

10 December 2015: Abhijnan Chakraborty  presented WWW, 2013 paper, Measuring personalization of web search.

3 December 2015: Sankarshan Mridha  presented WSDM, 2015 paper, Inverting a Steady-State.

19 and 26 November 2015: Parantapa Bhattacharya and Abir de presented NIPS, 2015 paper, Learnability of Influence in Networks..

12 November 2015: Surjya Ghosh and Aviral Shrivastava presented SIGCOMM , 2015 paper, SpotFi: Decimeter Level Localization Using WiFi.

5 November 2015: Presentation by Dr. Arnab Sinha from MSR Redmond..

29 October 2015: Rohit Verma and Abhijit presented MOBICOM , 2015 paper, Understanding and Modelling of WiFi Signal Based Human Activity Recognition.

15 October 2015: Preparation presentation of Mayank Singh and Koustav Rudra for CIKM 2015.

8 October 2015: Satadal Sengupta and Sumitro Bhaumik presented SIGMETRICS , 2015 paper, Smartphone Energy Drain in the Wild: Analysis and Implications.

1 October 2015: Ankan Mullick and Suman Kalyan Maity presented NAACL , 2015 paper, How to Memorize a Random 60-Bit String.

24 September 2015: Shijo thomas and Abhik Jana presented TACL , 2015 paper, Improving Distributional Similarity with Lessons Learned from Word Embeddings.

17 September 2015: Koustav Rudra  presented WWW , 2015 paper, The Social World of Content Abusers in Community Question Answering.

10 September 2015: Madhumita Mallick and Sandipan Sikdar presented INFOCOM , 2015 paper,Unveiling the Adoption and Cascading Process of OSN-based Gifting Applications.

3 September 2015: Soumya Sarkar, Tanmoy Chakraborty presented WSDM , 2015 paper, On Integrating Network and Community Discovery.

27 August 2015: Mayank Singh and Soumajit Pramanik presented CIKM , 2015 paper, Automated News Suggestions for Populating Wikipedia Entity Pages.

20 August 2015: Abhijnan Chakraborty and  Parantapa  Bhattacharya  presented KDD, 2015 paper, Efficient Algorithms for Public-Private Social Networks.

13 August 2015: Surjya Ghosh and  Subhendu Khatuya  presented WWW, 2015 paper, Early Detection of Spam Mobile Apps.

6 August 2015: Rohit Verma and Aviral Shrivastava presented ACM SIGSPATIAL, 2013 paper, Dejavu: An Accurate Energy-Efficient Outdoor Localization System.

30 July 2015: Sankarshan Mridha and Rajesh Basak presented KDD, 2015 paper, Inferring Networks of Substitutable and Complementary Products.

23 July 2015: Rijula Kar and Amrith Krishna presented KDD, 2013 paper, Spotting opinion spammers using behavioral footprints.

16 July 2015: Soumya Sarkar and Suman Kalyan Maity presented WWW, 2015 paper, The Digital Life of Walkable Streets.

2 July 2015: Rohit Verma and Soumajit Pramanik presented Nature Communications, 2015 paper, Structural reducibility of multilayer networks.

25 June 2015: Satadal Sengupta and Surjya Ghosh presented Sigcomm, 2013 paper, Mosaic: Quantifying Privacy Leakage in Mobile Networks.

18 June 2015: Koustav Rudra and Ankan Mullick presented ACL, 2014 paper, CoSimRank: A Flexible & Efficient Graph-Theoretic Similarity Measure.

11 June 2015: Abir De and Sankarshan Mridha presented two papers on Modeling and Predicting Popularity Dynamics

4 June 2015: Mayank Singh and Abhik Jana presented WWW, 2015 paper, Summarizing Entity Descriptions for Effective and Efficient Human-centered Entity Linking.

28 May 2015: Surjya Ghosh and Satadal Sengupta presented MobiSys, 2013 paper, MoodScope: Building a Mood Sensor from Smartphone Usage Patterns.

21 May 2015: Parantapa Bhattacharya and Tanmoy Chakraborty presented three papers on social image management in social networks

14 May 2015: Suman kalyan Maity and Koustav Rudra have given their practise talks.

7 May 2015: Abhijnan Chakraborty and Subhendu Khatuya presented MM, 2013 paper, Analysis and forecasting of trending topics in online media streams.

23 April 2015: Souvik Sur presented PloS one, 2013 paper, Extinction Times of Epidemic Outbreaks in Networks.

16 April 2015: Five project presentations from Complex Network course.

9 April 2015: Sandipan Sikdar presented Physical Review E, 2014 paper, Effects of temporal correlation on cascades: Threshold models on temporal networks.

26 March 2015: Ankan Mullick presented EMNLP 2014 paper, Exploiting Community Emotion for Microblog Event Detection.

19 March 2015: Abhik Jana presented EMNLP 2014 paper, Adding High-Precision Links to Wikipedia.

12 March 2015: Madhumita Mallick presented INFOCOM 2014 paper, Energy Optimization Through Traffic Aggregation in Wireless Networks.

19 February 2015: Tomasz Ożański given a talk on “Birth and Death processes in continuum : Applications and simulation algorithms”.

12 February 2015: Dr. Sandip Chakraborty given a talk on “Context-aware Networking and Communications”.

5 February 2015: Abir De presented a review of topics related to “Learning from Cascades”.

29 January 2015: Sankarshan Mridha presented ICML 2014 paper, Learning the Consistent Behavior of Common Users for Target Node Prediction across Social Networks.

22 January 2015: Koustav Rudra presented ICWSM 2014 paper, Personalized Recommendation of Twitter Lists using Content and Network Information.

15 January 2015: Soumajit Pramanik presented review of multiplex networks.

8 January 2015: Abhijnan Chakraborty presented an overview of the research group working on “Stanford Network Analysis Project”.

11 December 2014:Mayank Singh presented EMNLP 2013 paper, Mining Scientific terms and their definitions:A Study of the ACL Anthology.

4 December 2014:Suhansanu Kumar discussed papers dealing with noise in complex networks.

27 November 2014:Amrith Krishna presented ACL 2014 paper, Learning Word Sense Distributions, Detecting Unattested Senses and Identifying Novel Senses Using Topic Models.

20 November 2014: Sandipan Sikdar presented PRE 2012 paper, Random walks on temporal networks.

13 November 2014: Abhijnan Chakraborty presented WWW 2012 paper, Dynamical Classes of Collective Attention in Twitter.

30 October 2014: Madhumita Mallick presented Mobisys 2007 paper, COMBINE: Leveraging the Power of Wireless Peers through Collaborative Downloading.

16 October 2014: Souvik Sur presented PLoS ONE 2013 paper, The Community Structure of the European Network of Interlocking Directorates 2005–2010.

9 October 2014: Pratip Sarkar presented Joint JCDL/TPDL 2014 paper, A Framework for Analyzing Semantic Change of Words across Time.

25 September 2014: Koustav Rudra presented ICWSM 2014 paper, Scalable Social Analytics for Live Viral Event Prediction.

18 September 2014: Saurabh Gupta presented KDD 2011 paper, Exploiting Place Features in Link Prediction on Location-based Social Networks.

11 September 2014: Amrith Krishna presented brief overview of papers published at ASONAM-2014.

4 September 2014: Naman Goel presented WWW 2014 paper, Evolution of Reddit: From the Front Page of the Internet to a Self-referential Community?.

28 August 2014: Suman Kalyan Maity presented his Internship work.

21 August 2014: Mayank Singh presented his Internship work.

14 August 2014: Tanmoy Chakraborty presented KDD 2014 paper, On the permanence of vertices in network communities.

7 August 2014: Sandipan Sikdar presented his Internship work.

31 July 2014: Dr. Nicola Marchetti presented PNAS 2007 paper, Structure and tie strengths in mobile communication networks.

24 July 2014: Saurabh Gupta presented AAAI 2013 paper, TONIC: Target Oriented Network Intelligence Collection for the Social Web.

17 July 2014: Parantapa Bhattacharya presented WWW 2013 paper, TopRec: domain-specific recommendation through community topic mining in social network.

10 July 2014: Soumajit Pramanik presented WebSci 2014 paper, Country-Level Spatial Dynamics of User Activity:A Case Study in Location-Based Social Networks.

3 July 2014: Abir De presented NIPS 2013 paper, Online Learning of Dynamic Parameters in Social Networks.

26 June 2014: Koustav Rudra presented SIGIR 2013 paper, Continuous Summarization of Evolving Tweet Streams.

12 June 2014: Surjya Ghosh presented MobiSys 2012 paper, MicroCast: Cooperative Video Streaming on Smartphones and PerCom 2009 paper, Video Ads Dissemination through WiFi-Cellular Hybrid Networks.

5 June 2014: Swadhin Pradhan presented INFOCOM 2014 paper, Ready, Set, Go: Coalesced Offloading from Mobile Devices to the Cloud.

29 May 2014: Pratip Sarkar presented ACL 2014 paper, The effect of wording on message propagation: Topic- and author-controlled natural experiments on Twitter.

22 May 2014: Amrith Krishna presented three papers, On the Construction of Sivasutra-Alphabets, On Panini and the Generative Capacity of Contextualized Replacement Systems and Computer Simulation of Astadhyayi: Some Insights .

15 May 2014: Saurabh Gupta presented Bitcoin paper, A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.

8 May 2014: Abhijit Guria presented two Physical Review A papers, Number of distinct sites visited by N random walkers and Number of distinct sites visited by N random walkers on a Euclidean lattice.

1 May 2014: Parantapa Bhattacharya presented brief discussion of all the papers published in CSCW 2014

24 April 2014: Tanmoy Chakraborty presented the SDM 2014 paper Local Learning for Mining Outlier Subgraphs from Network Datasets.

17 April 2014: Soumajit Pramanik presented the ICDM 2013 paper Least Cost Influence in Multiplex Social Networks: Model Representation and Analysis.

10 April 2014: Naveen Sharma presented his works on Tales of the Tail: Hardware, OS, and Application-level Sources of Tail Latency.

03 April 2014: Prof. Soumen Roy presented his works on Multiple metrics in complex networks.

27 March 2014: Shreyasi Das presented a literature survey on Information Diffusion in Social Networks.

20 March 2014: Surjya Ghosh presented his on-going M.Tech work Dynamic Community Detection in Real-World Evolving Networks.

13 March 2014: Mayank Singh presented the TACL 2014 paper A Heterogeneous Networks and Their Applications: Scientometrics, Name Disambiguation, and Topic Modeling.

6 March 2014: Sudipta saha presented the Sensors Open access journal 2012 paper A Search Strategy of Level-Based Flooding for the Internet of Things.

27 February 2014: Abir De presented the WSDM 2014 paper Modeling Opinion Dynamics in Social Networks.

13 February 2014: Marcin Bodych presented his research on “Urns and Evolving Bipartite Networks”.

6 February 2014: Parantapa Bhattacharya delivered his CSCW 2014 practice talk on “Deep Twitter Diving: Exploring Topical Groups in Microblogs at Scale”.

30 January 2014: Rishiraj Saha Roy presented the CIKM 2013 paper Penguins in Sweaters, or Serendipitous Entity Search on User-generated Content.

22 January 2014: Swadhin Pradhan presented the SenSys 2013 paper Piggyback CrowdSensing (PCS): Energy Efficient Crowdsourcing of Mobile Sensor Data by Exploiting Smartphone App Opportunities.

16 January 2014: Koustav Rudra presented the WWW 2013 paper Groundhog Day: Near-Duplicate Detection on Twitter.

09 January 2014: Suman Kalyan Maity presented the ICWSM 2013 paper Dude, srsly?: The Surprisingly Formal Nature of Twitter’s Language.

02 January 2014: Souvik Sur presented the InfoCom 2011 paper Understanding Robustness of Mobile Networks through Temporal Network Measures.

26 December 2013: Swadhin Pradhan delivered his COMSNETS 2014 practice talk on “(Stable) Virtual Landmarks: Spatial Dropbox to enhance Retail Experience”.

19 December 2013: Parantapa Bhattacharya presented the ICWSM 2013 paper The Anatomy of Large Facebook Cascades.

12 December 2013: Soumajit Pramanik presented the IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications (JSAC) paper Competing Memes Propagation on Networks: A Network Science Perspective.

05 December 2013: Sandipan Sikdar presented the IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems paper A Framework for Routing Performance Analysis in Delay Tolerant Networks with Application to Noncooperative Networks.

28 November 2013: Abir De gave a practice talk for his presentation at ICDM 2014. Tanmoy Chakraborty gave a practice talk for his PhD registration seminar. Plans discussed for the CNeRG Retreat 2014.

21 November 2013: M.Tech. mid-year dissertation viva practice presentations by CNeRG Masters’ students.

14 November 2013: B.Tech. mid-year dissertation viva practice presentations by CNeRG Bachelors’ students.

30 October 2013: Koustav Rudra presented the WWW 2013 workshop paper Faking Sandy: Characterizing and Identifying Fake Images on Twitter during Hurricane Sandy.

23 October 2013: Sourav Das presented the 2012 Nature Scientific Reports paper Sequential Detection of Temporal Communities by Estrangement Confinement.

02 October 2013: Shreyasi Das presented the WWW 2011 paper Differences in the Mechanics of Information Diffusion across Topics.

25 September 2013: Parantapa Bhattacharya presented the SIGCHI 2007 paper The Life and Death of Online Gaming Communities.

19 September 2013: Prof. Pawan Goyal presented his PhD work to the group.

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