Date : 28th – 29th December. 2014
Venue : Chandrakona film city, Chandrakona, West Bengal.

Faculty Talks

Niloy Ganguly – Introduction: A Brief Summary of our 2014 Group Activity


Student Talks

Suman Kalyan Maity –  Topic Evolution in Quora
Soumajit Pramanik – How does Mention Help in Information Spread on Twitter?
Mayank Singh – Where to Submit the Next Research Paper?
Koustav Rudra – Twitter as a Sentinel in Disaster Scenario
Sandipan Sikdar – Segmented Message Broadcast on Dynamic Networks
Abir De – Learning Network Structure from Opinion Dynamics
Maximilien Danisch – Communities Detection and Proximity Measures in Complex Networks
Tanmoy Chakraborty – DiSCern: An Interplay between Diversity and Prestige
Souvik Sur – Attack Tolerance of Empirical Temporal Network

Panel Discussion

Subgroup building, Conflict Resolution, Intergroup Citation, Data Sharing
Lead: Prof. Niloy Ganguly (Parantapa, Suman, Abhik)

Stronger in Literature (Depth, Breadth), Reading Group Review
Lead: Prof. Animesh Mukherjee (Soumajit, Tanmoy, Ankan)

Is Complex Networks dead? Has it become too shallow/extended? Is there a lack of fundamental problems? Do we need to change Complex Networks course?
Lead: Prof. Bivas Mitra (Madhumita, Sandipan, Souvik)

New Problems, Challenges, Open Research Areas, NLP as a Focus Area
Lead: Pawan Goyal (Sankarshan, Mayank, Koustav)


Abhijnan Chakraborty
Abir De
Amrith Krishna
Souvik Sur
Maximilien Danisch
Animesh Mukherjee
Koustav Rudra
Madhumita Mallick
Mayank Singh
Niloy Ganguly
Abhik Jana
Ankan Mullick
Parantapa Bhattacharya
Pawan Goyal
Sandipan Sikdar
Soumajit Pramanik
Suman Kalyan Maity
Sandip Chakraborty
Sankarshan Mridha
Sourangshu Bhattacharya
Tanmoy Chakraborty