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Remote Healthcare Delivery System

Prevent NCD from Your Home


  • Availability
  • Ubiquity
  • Affordablity

Availability for General Population

The objective is to make healthcare equitable for the general population of India and deliver it efficiently to cover widely diverse demographics. This is realized through a health screening system

capable of collecting medical data and uploading to the cloud, and by providing access to specialized medical centers for diagnosis, therapeutic recommendations & regular follow­up.

Services in Cloud

The system leverages the ubiquity of communication technology to provide specialist medical care to remote and underserved areas. The ubiquity of mobile technology combined with big-data analytics using machine learning provides unique opportunity to overcome these deficiencies.

Health data will be uploaded to the cloud for analysis and modelling of disease classification and progression for assisting medical expert with a provisional diagnosis for early detection. Post-detection care will be made remotely available through internet connectivity.

Affordable Healthcare

Lack of accessibility to the affordable and expert health care to a remote and underserved population remains a major challenge. We try to address this issue by providing an easy to use and affordable healthcare mechanism.

The data thus collected will be analyzed to assist medical expert with a provisional diagnosis for early detection and facilitate sustainable preventive care system for combating NCD.


The Team

A dedicated team of researchers are working on making it a reality!

Academicians & Medical Experts

Niloy Ganguly

Professor, CSE
IIT Kharagpur

J Mukhopadhyay

Professor, CSE
IIT Kharagpur

Shamik Sural

Professor, CSE
IIT Kharagpur

A Mukherjee

Assoc. Professor, EE
IIT Kharagpur

S Chakraborty

Professor, CSE
IIT Bombay

Dr. D K Mitra

AIIMS, New Delhi

Dr. R Narang

Lavoratory Oncology
AIIMS, New Delhi

Dr. R Guleria

Pulmonary Medicine & sleep Disorders
AIIMS, New Delhi

Dr. K Anand

Centre for Community Medicine
AIIMS, New Delhi

Dr. A B Dey

Geriatric Medicine
AIIMS, New Delhi

Industry Collaborators

Subir Ray

IoTimize LLC
California, USA

Kallol Mallick

Azure Software Private Limited

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